Pilar Yoga


One of the best ways to describe what tends to happen in yoga, and what is actually possible, is this quote:

"Can the physical pratice lead to liberation? No, not if you associate with your body when doing the practice, you'll have some travelling to do (he says while laughing). The practice has to lead you to prana. It has to be cultivated, purified and considered. And cultivate the (higher) Self."

By Norman Allen

The sequences of vinyasa yoga bring you back to you.

How, through being present in the experience. For this we use the tristhana method, meaning there are three places of attention, which assist in strenthening the body, purifying the nervous system and balancing the mind. For more info: http://kpjayi.org/the-practice/

In the vinyasa practice it's not just performing the asana that counts. It's a breathing and movement system designed to work much deeper than the physical aspect of your being. It's knowing the correct focus point and direction that can make this into a life-changing experience.

You're invited to step in


In Yin Yoga we work on the connective tissue and the (unconscious) emotions stored there, with an invitation to release. Postures are held for three up to seven or even ten minutes, because this is how long it takes to have an effect, as connective tissue does not respond as fast as muscle tissue.

There are three steps: 1. Come into the pose to an appropriate depth, 2. Resolve to remain still, and 3. Hold the pose for some time. Of course breathing is key. Ultimately leading to clarity and a peaceful state of being.


Seeing into the mind, feeling into the body and letting stillness into the breath

The surface and superficial is where we're (way too) comfortable

We're being asked to go and take that extra step

To discover Beauty and Truth (Emet)

With Love, Trust and Perseverance

This is your invitation to step in